The PhD students of Cognition, Language and Interaction (CLI) doctoral school of Paris 8 University propose to you their 5th edition of CLI junior researchers’ colloquium. This scientific event aims to promote research and reflection of PhD students and young researchers, highlighting the multidisciplinary nature of PhD students. The colloquium CLI 2018 will take place the 11th and 12th of October 2018 at the University Paris 8.


For a long time, Man has sought to comprehend the events surrounding him. Pushed by both his curiosity and his need for meaning, Man has used and still uses diverse and various strategies to interpret and represent himself the world. These cognitive constructions are essential for human functioning and consist in a perpetual research for coherence and simplification, so much the information establishing our world are numerous and complex. Even more since the rise of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). For a same phenomenon, multiple representations can coexist and may vary depending on the period, the language or the culture. The aim of the colloquium is to address the question of the construction of meaning under the prism of multiple scientific disciplines.


CLI 2018 colloquium addresses multiple fields of research around cognitive functioning: psychology, neuroscience, information and communication science, computer science, language sciences, mathematics, linguistics. Each of these disciplines confronts the question of representation by the use, models and tools specific to each one.


This colloquium focuses on three major reflections:


- The construction of meaning: How do we interpret natural phenomena, messages, our

behaviors and those of others? On what are we basing ourselves on to comprehend?


- Multiple representations: What are the factors explaining the plurality of interpretations? How does language translate the world? What kind of difficulties can

this plurality bring about?


- Scientific representations: What are the representations provided by science? How do

sciences theorize information of the environment into data? How are representations transmitted?

The aim of this colloquium is to promote the research of young researchers from diverse horizons in order to permit transdisciplinary reflection by constructing bridges between disciplines, across and beyond them. The last scientific aim of this colloquium is to update and evolve the state of knowledge on the theme interpretations and representations by providing a preview of the questions surrounding it.


This call for papers is addressed to all PhD students and young researchers, both France or of foreign nationalities, affiliated to a research laboratory.


For this 5th year, we try to make this symposium accessible to hearing-impaired and deaf persons (speakers and participants).


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