The PhD students of the doctoral school “Cognition, Language and Interaction” (CLI) of

Paris Vincennes Saint-Denis University are happy to invite you to their 6th edition of CLI junior

researchers’ colloquium, that will take place on the 10th and 11th of October 2019, at Paris 8

University.This scientific event is an opportunity for young and advanced researchers to present their

work andto discussabout a common theme. This year, these two days of scientific sharing will focus

on the topic “Knowledge of memories & Memory of knowledge”.







Memory, in its broadestunderstanding, will be at the core of this sixth edition of CLI junior

researchers’ colloquium. Through a multidisciplinary perspective, we address this year the question

of the transmission, oral or written, implicit or explicit, of the knowledge that we possess, may it be

scientific – i.e., scientific knowledge, acquired and conveyed by and for Science – or not – e.g.,

cultural traditions. However, wondering about the transmission of knowledge leads inevitably to the

question of its conservation and transformation. The latter may occur through human – language,

social interactions, cultural habits – but also, mathematical and IT processes and tools.


This colloquium will address three broad questions :



"Because a man without memory is a lifeless man, a people without memory is a people without future.”


– Ferdinand Foch.

- The transmission of knowledge : How is knowledge transmitted ? By what means – human or

else – is this transmission possible and effective? What are the phenomena that prevent the

transmission ?


- Conservation and transformation of knowledge : How is knowledge stored ? How is

knowledge transformed ? But also, why is it forgotten sometimes ?


- The role of Memory : What is the use of Memory(ies) ? And how do they contribute to define

who we are and what we do ?

This colloquium gathers various research fieldsaround cognitive and social functioning:

psychology, neurosciences, information and communication sciences, computer science,

mathematics, language sciences, linguistics. Each of these disciplines, through their own

epistemology and methodology, offers complementary perspectives, allowing to broaden the

reflection about the question of transmission and conservation of knowledge.


This colloquium aims to promote young researchers’ work and to open the wayfor a reflection at

the interface of different scientific fields. By giving an overview of the questionings that surround a

federating topic, this event represents an opportunity to actualize and push the state of knowledge



This call for papers is addressed to every PhD students and young researchers, from France or

abroad, affiliated to a research laboratory.


For this edition, we try to make this symposium accessible to hearing-impaired and deaf persons (speakers and participants).


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